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Are you being unrealistic with your new year fitness goals?

Jan 14, 2020


'' Here’s a photo of my own personal transformation, the reason I’m posting this is because you’re more likely to listen to what I have to say after seeing me go from out of shape to shredded.

It’s the new year and you’re ready to smash your goals in life and in the gym, great!

But what’s not great is how unrealistic your goals are.... if you have not trained at all for the last 6 months then do not set yourself the goal of training 7 days a week and trying to lose 3 stone in a month.

It’s just not going to happen, you’ll last 2-3 weeks max and because you can’t commit to 7 days anymore because life got in the way you’ll use this as an excuse to stop going all together.

I've seen it happen many many times.

I have personally changed my body rapidly many times over the years going from 17.5 To 12.5 stone in as little as 11 weeks. I have trained bikini competition champions and physique athletes to shred up quickly and win competitions. I have helped A LOT of every day people lose weight at very fast rates.

And from 10 years of theoretical and practical application of different methods on 1000’s of clients this is what I have found:


It’s just not sustainable, if you know you can not keep something in your weekly routine in 3 months then don’t try and do it now, you will simply bounce back up in weight.

The solution:

Set a realistic goal to start with, then set a realistic exercise routine that fits in with your life, actually plan in and write down when you are going to exercise and how you are going to fit it around your life. This will actually provide better results over the year as you won’t bounce back up in weight.

Yeah we all want to lose a bit of weight, but be smart about it and you will get the results you want long term.

Have a great day,
Fran ''.


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