How to lose 9 inches and 22 lbs in 28 days.

Jan 16, 2020

28 days - 22 lbs down - 9 inches lost

A huge well done to Lucy!

Lucy took part in a challenge that FSR Personal Training ran last year which involved doing 12 minute home workouts every day for 28 days.

Now we do NOT promote rapid results in general as it’s hard to sustain but we wanted to test run our methods of short 12 minute workouts and see what results they provide... and WOW the team did well, especially Lucy!

So how can such short workouts provide results like this when others are spending over an hour a day in the gym seeing little to no results?

Well we can’t share everything (we charge for that) but one of the main key points is consistency.

Most people are only ‘on it’ 3-4 days a week and sabotage their results on the other 3-4 days meaning that 12-16 days a month are spent sabotaging results.

Once consistency is added your body works like the nitrous boost button has been pressed and starts changing at an unbelievable rate!!!

Fix your Thursday to Sunday and see what happens.

Well done Lucy!

Have a great weekend,

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