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Are you too busy?

Oct 08, 2019

Getting in shape for someone in the fitness industry is easy, it’s a simple process, you workout every day and eat the right amounts continuously, that really is it, nothing complicated and it’s literally your job to be in shape.

Most (not all) trainers are young, live at home with their parents and have a pretty easy schedule.

They spend most of their time posting lion memes as they get out of bed at 11am for their first training session of the day.

Now for the every day person it’s a bit different, you have other priorities than the gym. Between work, family, kids and social events you can get a bit tied up, it’s not as simple as being a gym robot who follows the training and diet plans to a tee.

So you can imagine how a mum of 3 who’s done over 50 hours in her 2 jobs this week and still has poop on her arm from changing the baby for the fifth time today doesn’t want to hear the personal trainer preach about ‘how she does have time to train 7 times a week, she just needs to make the time’.

I’m not slating trainers by any means, I’ve been guilty of this early in my career myself, it’s just a simple lack of understanding of the general public.

This is where I come in. I specialise in every day people like you - The hard workers who do long hours, the people who spend their time looking after their families and also the mums with poop on their arm.

The science behind changing someone’s body composition or weight is easy, honestly you could learn it in a week, if you were paying me just for that you’d be wasting your money, just read few books.

Making a plan that the general public can stick to, that they enjoy, that gets them results and is accessible to their lives.... NOW THAT IS DIFFICULT!

Luckily I’ve been doing it for nearly 9 years and I’ve been getting incredible results with your John smiths and your Jane doe’s all over the place.

The main focus’s are to get you into the right routine to fit your lifestyle, to give you the support that you need and most importantly to make sure you enjoy it.

If your name is John Smith or Jane doe or anything else and you’d like some help getting into shape, send me an email and I’ll tell you how I can help - [email protected]


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