Finding the best personal trainer for you in Sheffield

Feb 02, 2020

Finding the right personal trainer for you in Sheffield can be a difficult task! Once you've decided that you would benefit from a PT you will have many questions on who to book. Do you pick a male or female personal trainer? Do you pick a trainer who's in the best shape? or has the best knowledge? Or has the best reviews?

Some points you have to decide for yourself but hopefully the following helps you find the right personal trainer for you.

The do's and don't's of finding a the best personal trainer for you.


🔸Do check out the trainers social media, to get a better feel for who they are. If they are on the piss every other night maybe they are not right for you.

🔸Do check out online reviews for the trainers and even go as far as messaging someone who has reviewed to get a real representation of that trainer.

🔸Do (if you are at the same gym) observe their sessions, see if they are constantly on their phone in sessions. See if the client looks like they are motivated and enjoying themselves.

🔸Do look at the trainers qualifications. Although this isn’t vital it will show you if the trainer is passionate about improving their knowledge base to improve their service to their clients.

🔸Do pick a trainer based on their results with clients, I mean this is what you are paying for after all. You can normally find their results online or if not ask them to show you.


🔸Don’t just go for cheap. Do you want a cheap personal trainer or do you want a good personal trainer?

🔸Don’t just book a trainer because you fancy them, this will almost always end badly.

🔸Don’t pick a trainer just because they are in shape. Remember it’s not about them, it’s about you and what they can do for you. Just because they are in shape doesn’t mean they know how to get you into shape.

🔸Don’t pick someone who’s completely out of shape. They may have many qualifications but theoretical knowledge is very different from practical knowledge. If they haven’t been through the journey themselves it’s harder for them to advise on your journey.

Once you’ve found the trainer that you thinks right for you, message them to book a consultation (normally free), this is where you sit down, have a chat and you can get a better feel whether they are a good fit for you or not.

All the best on your health and fitness journey,
Francis Sprenger.


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